Saturday, December 31, 2011

returning to the practice...

believe it or not, on the final day of 2011, i'm stirred to action. i've spent a bit of time reflecting by returning to the days not marked on this blog. 

so... i've returned to the practice by looking through online albums and the calendar.  my memory is sparked by image.  i see the images of living creatively and glimpsing the sacred in the art of daily living and remember.  it's a fantastic time of reflection, delight, and pleasure.  i'm thoroughly enjoying the time doing so.  thus, the days will be filled with the last 2.5 months.  i'll continue adding, doing what i'm able.

while i'm sorry to have lost the practice back in october ((for which i still have no real explanation other than, i just did)) i am enjoying this moment and finding it the right time to share.  enjoy.  xo. suzanne

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