Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sacred day two hundred seven

here. present.

here. present. in this moment.  in this space.  in this setting.  with these hands.  with this gift of life.  we are called to create.  called to create space.  called to create love.  called to create understanding and forgiveness.  called to be present to ourselves and to others.  our calling is our own.  our calling can alter in this moment.  in these words.  our calling is ours.  here.  here i am. here we are.  i am here, glimpsing the sacred withing us, surrounding us, sending us love. 


  1. i LOVE this art you created.
    loooooooove it!
    here, xox.

  2. Rachel, I created the space, but another whose hands I love created the art. I'll be more generous naming the hands who created the art in posts to come. she is inspiring. I love the colors and the reminder to be here.