Monday, July 18, 2011

sacred day one hundred ninety-six

a remembering space.

when someone we love dies it is so, so sad.  so terribly sad.  we love deeply and feel the loss of their physical presence deeply.  when my grandmother died years ago, i remember treasuring the facial expressions of those around me.  i was traveling in kenya and i wasn't going to be able to attend her funeral.  so i put a flower in my hair and i danced.  i danced, creating memories in a place that knows of life and death.  i danced and remembered.  this jar was made for memories.  memories that could be held for a moment or a lifetime.  a place for sacred stories in this shared love we have for those who care for us.  this jar is for a friend whose grandmother just died.  i know of such sadness. may she receive comfort and be surrounded by love.

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