Monday, June 6, 2011

sacred day one hundred fifty-five

a trail.

each time we go on the trail, i am inspired and renewed.  cricket is full of spunk. erin is present and aware.  we're mindful, we're moving, and we're delighted.  the moss, the trees, the water, the trail, the rocks, the worn paths.  there's a rhythm that's all its own on the trail. i'm so grateful for this time.  i never knew i'd love it so, and i do.  i love, love, love running these trails with a kindred spirit i've reconnected with.  there's something sacred about the trails that have brought us together, and the trails that we each traveled in spaces between days of long ago and these days.  we're embodied in new ways and yet our spirits connect just so.  it's a sacred trail. a sacred space. a sacred pace.

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